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Church History


The doors at 8126 So. Central Avenue opened Sunday morning, October 22, 1950 at 9:00am, where a band of Christian workers was organized through divine inspiration under its organizer, Rev. Henry M. Beechan.  The Mission band was composed of Rev. Henry M. Beechan, Brother R.A. Evans, and Teacher.  The organization remained a mission band until the following May 14, 1951. Under the same leadership, the mission band was organized into the Gospel Mission Missionary Baptist Church.  During the initial organization efforts, there were eight (8) names on the church roll:  Mary Paskell, Sunday School Secretary.  The Pastor’s two children, Charles, and Delores Beechan, Brother R.A. Evans Sunday School Teacher and Chairman of Trustee Board.  Gospel Mission church was incorporated on April 28, 1954 and relocated to 7321 Miramonte Blvd. On February 27, 1955.  The Lord called upon the Rev. W.D. Manus to Pastor in 1956 as Rev. Beechan was called to Pastor a church in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Rev. W.D. Manus served as Pastor from September 1956 to May 1957.  His brief period was filled with poor physical health and in May 1957 the Lord called him from labor to reward.  The Lord gave us Reverend E.R. William who was called to Pastor on August 2, 1957 to 1962.  Many things were done in the way of progress for the good of our kingdom building.  In the early part of 1962, after being a loyal member for years, Deacon Robertson became Pastor Robertson.  Rev. Robertson served for 12 years and made many significant contributions.  The Head Start program was established at the 7321 Miramonte location.


Rev. Henry, a loyal minister, and assistant to Reverend Robertson was appointed to lead the church and was called to Pastor on October 19, 1974.  Many works were done in the name of the Lord new pews, carpet, windows, most important the gaining of a few souls.  Reverend Henry served until his resignation August 15, 1978.  On November 25, 1978, the Lord sent Reverend Santee Moore to Pastor Gospel Mission M.B.C.  During his leadership, we received new members.  His first year as Pastor resulted in 54 members added.  Over the years a communion and offering tables, air conditioning, and church van was purchased and Kedren Headstart remodeled.  In 1994 and 1995 Gospel Mission Baptist church became affiliated with the National Convention USA and Southern Baptist Convention and Los Angeles District Association.


In October 1995, the church sold its property on 7321 Miramonte and moved to the current location at 7301 So. Avalon Blvd.  In April 1996, Grace to You Baptist Church under the pastorship of Rev. Joseph Tillman, Sr. united with Gospel Mission.  Under Pastor Moore’s leadership, the refurbishing of the church’s interior was completed, and exterior-refurbishing plans was established for that year.  On June 4, 1998 the Lord called Pastor Moore from labor to reward. From June 1998 to October 1999, Associate Minister Isaac Burton served as leader of Gospel Mission.  During his tenure the church purchased a duplex property for use as Senior Housing.  Souls were baptized under Reverend Burton's interim leadership before the Lord called him home.  After a pastoral search, in October 1999 Gospel Mission called Reverend Calvin Guidry to serve as Pastor.  Reverend Guidry served from October 1999 until his resignation in February 2000.  On March 31, 2000, the Lord called Reverend Burton from labor to reward.  After several months of prayer and devotion, Gospel Mission called Associate Minister Reverend Raymond Dennis of Gospel Mission on August 6, 2000 to serve as Pastor. Under the leadership of Pastor Dennis, the church acquired 501C3, status, cellular and solar infrastructure was established, Furthermore, many souls have responded to the call of Christ by baptism and Christian Experience. A Spanish ministry “Leon De Judea” partnered with the church in 2013. Many Ministers have united, foreign mission support has expanded beyond Have Christ Will Travel, evangelistic community street witnessing and convalescent ministries have flourished, new youth scholarship programs were expanded, Vacation Bible School was re-instituted, A Community Food Pantry/clothing  ministry started for the needy, outreach ministry to downtown homeless has continued to serve many, various events have become a fixture in the community such as Turkey  giveaways, School Supply events, Christmas Toy drives, Physical Health and Mental Health Workshops, including vaccination clinics, and most recently, Eldercare ambassadors and A certified Boy Scout Troop detachment located in 2022 along with many other ministries started.  The church remained open continued to operate through the Pandemic of 2020 to 2023 under Gods watchful care, and there were no souls lost to the Covid 19 pandemic. Gospel Mission Missionary Baptist Church will remain prayerful and watchful that the Holy Spirit will continue to guide God’s flock in the service of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as we look forward to our 75th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary. Founded in 1950, Our Motto: “Jesus Never Fails”


GMBC Pastoral Roll Call

Pastor Henry M. Beechan ’50-55’

Pastor W.D. Manus 56-57

Pastor E.R. Williams 57-62

Pastor Robertson ‘62-74’

Pastor Henry ’74-‘78

Pastor Santee T. Moore ’78-98’

Pastor Calvin Guidry ’99’

Pastor Raymond A. Dennis ’00-23+

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